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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Welcome to asmebros the official site of Chr. Asmeniadis Bros O.E.

A Greek importer and wholesaler of high quality foundry materials internationally produced by qualified pig iron steel mills and recognised factories.


Mr. Christos Asmeniadis has founded the company around 1954 in the postwar Thessaloniki, while his long commercial activities continue today by his descendants. The initial traded commodities were Foundry Pig Iron (Cast Iron,) Coke, and Ramming Mixes (silica lining materials.) This variaty had further widened by other mold making materials & additives like Croning (resin coated sand,) Silica Sand, Graphite, Bentonite, and Coal Dust (also familiar as anthracite.)


Our premises are self owned and located in Kalochori Thessaloniki, Greece, modernized with the appropriate mechanical equipment and positioned over asphalt paved plot.
The creation of a long – term cooperation with our clients has led us to better understand their business needs and wants, to offer them more efficient services, that contribute to the strengthening of their company’s competitiveness, while placing us under a constant business research and development.


Our materials meet a wide range of applications, mainly in Casting for Industrial and Maritime Use (Products of Water Supply, Drainage, Irrigation, Heating, and Outdoor Décor.) Among other works, they are being used in Viticulture, Drilling, and as Ship Ballast.


60 Module positionsare applied in foundry, iron alloy, building furnace and foundry cupola increasing the fire resistance, and are further being used as soil improvers.

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cost saving from heating
to 77% higher calorific value than that of wood